Wind Turbine Charge Controller (Off-grid)

Wind Turbine Charge Controller (Off-grid)

Wind Turbine Charge Controller (Off-grid)

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  • 204.00 M (~ $120.00 )

The charging controller (charger, energy controller) is a very important device for off-grid systems between the battery and the turbine, which ensures that the batteries are charged efficiently and prevents reverse energy flows from the batteries to the turbine.

Technical parameters of wind turbine controller



Rated power of wind turbine


Maximum power of wind turbine


Battery voltage

12/24V DC


Rectifier, wind speed limit control, battery voltage limit control, RS485 communication

Automatic protection function

Over voltage protection, reverse connection protection

LED indicators

Blue - charging
Yellow - braking
Red - 3 phase braking



Display content

Battery voltage, wind speed, battery percent, wind turbine braking

3-phase dump load

(recommended 12V system - 13.5±1Vdc | 24V system - 27±1Vdc)

Wind turbine recharge voltage

(recommended 12V system - 15±1Vdc | 24V system - 30±1Vdc)

Work environment temperature

(-30°C) - (+60°C)

Relative humidity

<90% No condensation

Noise (1m)


Degree of protection

IP20 (Indoor) IP65 (Outdoors)

Cooling method

fan cooling

*Communication ports (optional)

Wi-Fi & Ethernet*

Features This controller controls the wind turbine. So that, 1. when the battery reaches the maximum power capacity; 2. when the wind speed exceeds the limit (provides wind turbine protection from storms); the controller prevents the battery from overcharging (in the first case) and the turbine from storm damage (in the second case). In addition, the controller displays some real-time information on the LCD/LED screen. • current energy level in the battery • wind speed • the amount of real-time energy transmitted from the turbine • the types of braking Blue light - charging Yellow light - braking Red light - 3-phase braking The main advantages of our controller are: 1. Braking according to wind speed 2. Voltage braking 3. 3-phase braking - reduces the risk of accidents by ensuring a complete stop of the turbine

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