Market Research and Consultancy

Market Research and Consultancy

Market Research and Consultancy

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  • 1,700.00 M (~ $1,000.00 )

Spektr Center for Research and Development is an Azerbaijan based think tank which conducts socio-economic researches and carrying out development projects.  We advise our clients on the impact of the future economic environment will have on their business. We combine economics with data analytics to advise clients on their strategy.

Our services:

- Market research and analysis services;

- Social researches;

- Statistic data analysis and reporting;

- Policy analysis, evaluation and development for improved public and social policy;

- Consultancy on the macroeconomic policy, advice on fiscal and monetary policy issues.

- Preparing policy papers;

- Advice on strategic planning and analysis, preparing strategic plans;

- Conducting SWOT analysis;

- Professional trainings, seminars, forums, and conferences. 

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