Leeches,Medicinal Leeches,Hirudo Medicinalis Orientalis

Leeches,Medicinal Leeches,Hirudo Medicinalis Orientalis

Leeches,Medicinal Leeches,Hirudo Medicinalis Orientalis

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Supplier of Medicinal Leeches.

Artificial breeding of leeches in closed conditions will be performed in many countries with medical, cosmetic and other purposes. Leeches have a complex therapeutic effect. In folk medicine, medical leeches are used in the treatment of hypertensive, gynecological, skin and ophthalmologic diseases, stroke, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, varicose veins, prostatitis, infertility, migraine, postinfarction cardiosclerosis, and metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal and many other diseases.

Oral juice of leeches contains about 100 biologically active ingredients. The enzyme Hirudin in the oral cavity of this creature prevents blood from clotting, dilutes it, enriches it with oxygen, helps to remove blood clots, eliminates the inflammatory process in the body, strengthens the immune system and prevents the development of infections. Hirudin also lowers high blood pressure in blood vessels, reduces erosion, restores erosive areas, and the healing process happens quickly.

Treatment with leeches has an analgesic effect. The enzyme aperase, available in leeches, regulates inflammatory processes in the body. Hyaluronidase enzyme increases tissue permeability. This gives a good effect on the treatment time. This substance helps the drug to quickly penetrate into any of the tissues of the body, and collagenase enzymes help the connection of tissues and resorption of scar tissue. Cholesterol esterase dissolves cholesterol in blood, breaks down fats and regulates lipid metabolism

The history of treatment with medical leeches is very ancient. Despite the fact that leech therapy has been conducted for many centuries, there have been periods of growth and recession. The heyday of hirudotherapy coincides with the 18-19 centuries. Since 1984, Azerbaijan has been one of the rare countries included in the Red Book, where leeches are found in natural conditions. In Azerbaijan, there are 17 species of leeches. Hirudo medicinalis orientalis, which is considered the best type of leech, the Eastern leech, is the most widespread in Azerbaijan. The village of Mollaoba in the Masalli region was chosen as the most convenient place to grow leeches during the Soviet era. And one of the largest plants for growing leeches in the USSR was located in the village of Mollaoba. After the collapse of the USSR, the plant has stopped the activity. However, the population still uses traditional medicine, that is, leeches grown naturally in lakes on the territory of the village. In this case there is a risk that sanitary standards will not be observed. In modern medicine, leech treatment has become even more popular, thereby increasing the demand for them, as well as nurturing them in artificially closed conditions that meet the requirements of medical and sanitary standards, leads us to the goal of introducing them to medical institutions, pharmacies, and exporting to foreign countries.

For this purpose we rented 700 sq. m. the water basin in the village Mollaoba in Masalli district for a long time. At the same time, we built biofactories with a total area of 0.10 hectares and an area of 87 square meters in the village of Gariblar, Masalli district.

Based on a permit from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, a limited number of leeches collected in natural reservoirs for the purpose of reproduction in artificial conditions and which have reached puberty and which are reproductive were placed in the biofactory. During the cultivation of leeches in the biofactory optimal conditions were created.

Given the high demand for Hirudo medicinalis orientalis in medicine, we are implementing the cultivation of leech species with the similar name. We set a goal to reach a million units per year.

Taking into account the high quality of the breed in Azerbaijan, we are ready to enter into long-term cooperation with all domestic and foreign consumers who want to purchase leeches grown by us.

Leeches - Hirudo medicinalis orientalis are ready for sale after a 4-month quarantine.

The leeches are intended for medical institutions, pharmacies and for export abroad.

We sell leeches with the weight shown below:

  • 0,5 - 0,8 grams cosmetic leeches;
  • 0,9 - 1,5 grams medicinal leeches.

Leeches should be protected from loud noise, strong smell and smoke from cigarettes.

Leeches are recommended to be used only once.

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