Smart Hotel Management System

Smart Hotel Management System

Smart Hotel Management System

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  • 5,100.00 M (~ $3,000.00 )

Automation of ordering, electronic registration and movement arrangement raise the effectiveness of the work to a high level. It increases the time of entry and exit, registration and inventory of goods. The most important thing is that when automating a human factor minimized, not only speeds, but also incorporation of data into the data collection is achieved. Automation will significantly reduce costs in this area. Experts' work is optimized and can be easily monitored if needed and streamlined.

Ease of reporting and quality analysis of flow of goods

·         The availability of registry information for each transaction, product and contract.

·         Suppliers, all information about products.

·         Electronic registration of orders, purchases, transmissions.

·         Fixed assets - residuals, cost, location, depreciation, etc. all information about.

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