Licorice Roots Sticks

Licorice Roots Sticks

Licorice Roots Sticks

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Licorice is a kind of large value medicinal plants, both Chinese and western medicine are using it.Western medicine has been used licorice as an expectorant, antitussive agent and additive in sweetness since the ancient greeks. In ancient Chinese materia medica "cold-induced febride, licorice is described for strong bones and muscles, increase strength and drug treatment of trauma, says the king of the grass in most all the medicine.


The active ingredient of licorice root extract powder is glycyrrhizic acid, glycyrrhetinic acid and glabridin.



1.Licorice root extract glabridin powder has the efficacy in antianaphylaxis and moist boost;      

2.Licorice root extract glabridin powder has the effect of strong anti-oxidation and antibacterial effect;

3.Licorice root extract has the useage of feature of low-calorie, innocuity and health care;  

4.Licorice root extract glabridin powder with the function of anti-flammation, antivirus, antimicrobial activity and liver protection.


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