"Gobustone" Burnt lime

"Gobustone" Burnt lime

"Gobustone" Burnt lime

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Minimum quantity for order: 100

They are kept in special silos. 

They are sold in tons and transported in special vehicles. 

Fields of application: 
Metallurgy- it is used as a cleaning agent. 
Sugar industry – it plays an important role in the process of specification and elimination of non – sugar from diffusion juice. 
Production of construction materials – it is used in the manufacture of silicate brick, aerated concrete, manufacture of dry construction adhesives, facade works etc. 
Environmental protection – it is used in cleaning harmful substances into the air as a result of production, wastewater treatment and environmental protection. 

Road building 
It is used in stabilizing and improving lime soil. Lime juice is removed from the soil due to high reactivity ability of calcium oxide and thus, stability and frost resistance increases. Construction lime is used in all sectors of road building.


1000 kg

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