Cotton rags

Cotton rags

Cotton rags

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Minimum quantity for order: 20

Cleaning rags made from cotton fabrics are ideal for wiping various mechanisms and parts that require gentle care, and also effective in removing traces of contamination from machines and other surfaces, since it does not leave behind particles of cloth, nap and fibers. The most widely used in the industry, as it has proven itself to be an excellent absorbent and non-marking material, allowing for perfect purity without the use of additional cleaning agents. Also popular with car service owners, cleaning companies and housewives, as they have long appreciated the advantages of cotton rags. Especially appreciated in it are such qualities: smooth structure of the fabric and softness, hygroscopicity, strength.

To produce our rags we use a fabric made from natural cotton without any impurities. Packing of rags is made in transparent briquettes of 20 kg, which allows you to see how neatly it is folded and in what state it is. Cleaning rags are very convenient to use, as it has the most optimal dimensions - 40x50cm. Buy it can be both wholesale and retail

Buying rags seems, at times, such a trifle, but it is from small things that our life consists, therefore it should be of high quality. We guarantee the excellent quality of our goods!

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