Fresh Chicken in Packet

Fresh Chicken in Packet

Fresh Chicken in Packet

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  • 4.25 M (~ $2.50 )

Minimum quantity for order: 100
Nutritional Information
(per 100 gr product)
Protein (gr)                                 18.97
Total fat (gr)                               13.31
Saturated Fat (gr)                       4.06
Calories (kcal)                            195.67

Cooking Suggestions: During the cooking process, heat in the center must reach 72°C.

Storage Conditions: Store fresh products in the refrigerator at 0-4ºC and frozen products at -18ºC in the freezer.

İmportant tips:  Thaw the product in the fridge. Do not freeze thawed products. If you purchased a fresh product and do not plan to consume it in 1-2 days, freeze it immediately.

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