SEDATIVE TEA (Soothing tea)

SEDATIVE TEA  (Soothing tea)

SEDATIVE TEA (Soothing tea)

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Minimum quantity for order: 100

Composition: Valerian officinalis root, motherwort herbs, hop cones, peppermint leaves.

Instruction: It is applied for cardiovascular neurosis, NCD, nervous­ly-emotional excitation and stresses, neurosis, hypertensive illness, physical and mental fatigue, insomnia, premenstrual and climacteric syndromes, hyperthyroidism, gastroenteric diseases accompanied by a spastic syndrome.

Way of application: 100 ml (1/2 glass) boiling water is poured over 2 filter-bundles, brewed for 15 minutes, cooled at a room temperature. It is taken warm 2-3 times a day, every time 100 ml (1/2 glass) 30 minutes before meal.

Course of treatment is 30 days.

Brew can be used in the form of bath for babies. For this purpose it is necessary to increase the number of filter-bundles. 

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