2.700.000 Kcal/h LMBQ 5000 STEAM BOILERS

2.700.000 Kcal/h  LMBQ 5000 STEAM BOILERS

2.700.000 Kcal/h LMBQ 5000 STEAM BOILERS

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  • 96,390.00 M (~ $56,700.00 )

Boiler Series LMBQ by “Lankaran Mechanics,  LLC” equipped with fire-tube with three passes, has dampened support and structure connected by welding. The steam boilers offered to clients are produced by BS EN 12953 standard. All the items necessary for operation of the boiler are provided as an integral part of the boiler, and the client can only provide fuel for the boiler, electricity and water.There is all the necessary equipment and automated systems.

Nominal temperature

Nominal temperature (T) is used to calculate the stress design of different parts of the boiler.  Nominal heat is the average level of heat the metal parts in the working conditions.

Control of boiler

Under normal conditions, the boiler operates via an automatic control system. For long-term work is needed to carry out timely checks and compliance with the rules of storage.


Tests of upper layer, boiler foot, the connections to the upper layer of pipes and welded joints are carried out by means of ultrasound and radiography. Then the hydraulic test is carried out where the pressure in the one and a half times higher of the design standards.


7000 kg

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