Baby diapers Leylək 1(25) 2-5 kg

Baby diapers Leylək 1(25) 2-5 kg

Baby diapers Leylək 1(25) 2-5 kg

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  • 3.40 M (~ $2.00 )

Minimum quantity for order: 100

Leylək baby diapers are the first local brand of baby diapers in Azerbaijan. The company is operating under the

IFFA-2010 LLC.

Leylək baby diapers have gained popularity in a short period of time and have become an indispensable brand for

many families since their establishment.

Leylək baby diapers, which are distinguished by their quality and affordable price, are sold in foreign markets as

well as the local market.

The biggest preference of Leylək baby diapers from other diapers is the high absorption, air circulation and

resistance to leakage. Our diapers easily adapt to the baby's skin and make it suitable for babies to move about


Leylək baby diapers differ from other brands in their quality and also for being affordable. The brand is involved in

many charitable events with great pride.

Health and comfort of babies are the main goal of Leylək baby diapers and they constantly improve their quality, by

using the latest innovations of technology and trying to give the best service to families and children.

Leylək Company, which took the initiative in many areas, has realized online sales of baby diapers for the first time

in Azerbaijan. Now the families are able to order Leylək baby diapers by phone. Delivery is carried out for free by

the company.

Dimensions (L x W x H):

Length: 54 cm
Width: 36 cm
Height: 30 cm


0.52 kg
Product Name Leylək 1(25)

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