Rock Climbing Holds

Rock Climbing Holds

Rock Climbing Holds

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  • 3.40 M (~ $2.00 )

  • 50 or more 170.00 M
Minimum quantity for order: 50

Professional Universal Rock Climbing Holds made of PU


100 kg
Technology - Advanced PU Formula with strongest mechanical properties, rigid and elastic (non-fragile), with stone-effect and special surface feel, which provides top quality and the most reliable climbing holds; - Various surface finishes like gloss, porous and slip (or mixed); - Eco-friendly; - Odorless, non-toxic; - Ambient temp: -40 ... +110 deg Celsius range resistant; - Virtually unbreakable thanks to high strength from well cross linking capability; - Does not support fungal growth; - Moisture resistant, resistant to most chemicals and solvents, oil resistant, abrasion resistant, UV resistant; - Flame retardant (with individual request); - Equipped with stainless steel M10 washer inside for reliable fixing on any type of bouldering board; - Manufactured with special 'reinforcing safety component' inside, which provides maximum reliable and hassle-free climbing possibilities (for additional safety purposes).

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