Maiden Tower

Maiden Tower

Maiden Tower

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White wine, Subtle tangy  "Maiden Tower" (Azerbaijan; producer: Ganja Sharab-2). Alcohol 11%. Combination: seafood.

White wine

White wine - light, fresh "fruit." And the color is not as important raw material when preparing wine. White it is obtained through the manufacturing process, rather than the color of the grapes used. Juice for the production of wine grapes get a quick spin. The main thing that in the juice could not go any substance from the skin. If winemakers seek to maximize the freshness of the wine, the grapes or the juice is cooled.


Azerbaijani wine

Wines of Azerbaijan - it names such as Agstafa, Madrasa, Chinar, Agdam, Shahdag, Shamakhi, Kurdamir, Alabshaly, many of which enjoyed great popularity in our country since the time of occurrence of the republic of the USSR. At this time the wine industry of the republic was one of the leaders in agriculture, and the area of ​​vineyards and wine production scale reached its maximum.

Wine Ganja Sharab-2

The company "Ganja Sharab-2" is the largest producer of wines, not only Azerbaijani, but also other kinds of alcoholic beverages, such as vodka and brandy. The rich tradition of wine-making in Azerbaijan is largely related to the area of ​​Ganja, where resettled here in the XIX century German winemakers have planted vineyards, built a winery and have developed this industry. over time, the foundations laid by them developed into a powerful movement of grape, which has resulted in the emergence of high-quality wines, the level of which was later recognized as specialists and other countries. It was on this earth, on the basis of "Ganja wine factory №2", the company "Ganja Sharab-2" was created in 1998, specializing in the production of natural grape red and white wines. To date, the company's products, corresponding to the international quality standards, has received many international awards and certificates.

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