Self service car diagnostic kiosk

Self service car diagnostic kiosk

Self service car diagnostic kiosk

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  • 4,590.00 M (~ $2,700.00 )


Universal Auto Diagnostic kiosk is designed to provide services for the diagnosis of cars and trucks, the system supports more than 100 manufacturers and 1400 models. Payment can be made in cash, bank cards (contactless), mobile phone (NFC) or special prepaid cards. Besides kiosk could be equipped with car registration documents scanner for easy model checking and scanning. Kiosk could be used also in free of charge as part in promotional campaign to support the core business (petrol stations, garages, parking lots, etc.).

Technical description:

1) 15 “LCD monitor, 1280×1024;

2) 4 mm tempered glass which protects the monitor from external influence;

3) Capasitive touch screen;

• controlled by any opaque object – the hand, gloved hand, a pencil, a plastic card etc;

• there is no need to press the glass only a light touch;

• does not require calibration;

• sensor surface under the monitor for the QWERTY keyboard;

4) Embedded main board with pre-installed Windows Embedded;

5) The universal OBDII board with roll-up plug for connection to the cars (cable length of up to 4 meters);

6) Contactless card reader (optional);

7) Thermal printer;

8) Bill acceptor (could be programmed for access up to 120 different currencies);

9) 300 Watt UPC power supply (200 Watt solar panel optional);

10) Door security sensor, optional temperature sensors, vibration, moisture, etc.;

11) Security video camera;

12) Custom design of the kiosk regarding to customer requirements;

The software includes an original diagnostic solution provided by the «Delphi» company, having extensive experience in the development of universal software for car diagnostics. Management software developed by «CarDoctor» and includes the functions like self-service and remote support,  clearing current ECU errors, printing results and provides additional information by the operator through the voice function.


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