Asan İmza (Mobile Idenity)

Asan İmza (Mobile Idenity)

Asan İmza (Mobile Idenity)

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Given the increasing number of online transactions, accompanied by a higher cyber-threat environment, it is timely to explore how online users in your country can be better protected and how e-commerce can take place more securely. B.EST Solutions introducing a PKI (a Public Key Infrastructure) based Mobile ID (“Asan Imza” Easy Sugnature) that would enable users to authenticate their identities online via mobile phone for the purpose of transacting with public and private sector organisations in digital world.

Mobile-ID (Mobile-ID) solution offers the same level of security as chip card-based solutions for citizens, businesses and civil servants to access and authenticate online transactions using the secure PKI infrastructure, which gives several significant advantages. There is no need for card readers and corresponding software. Mobile solutions are also easier and more convenient to use.

Best Solutions’ Mobile ID / Asan Imza follows KYC (know your customer) principles and equal to hand-written signature and enables the user to enter web portals, use public and private e-services, to make payments, provide digital signatures and even take part in electronic elections wherever the user is.

The potential benefits to be expected from the implementation of Mobile ID are:

For End-Users:

ü Convenience and Seamless User Experience - Users do not have to remember different user names and passwords for different services, or carry multiple security tokens to transact online

ü Mobility - Secure login and transactions can be done anytime and anywhere


For Commercial and Government Entities:

ü Higher Levels of Security - The implementation of a PKI-based Mobile ID will potentially increase online security, bringing it to a higher level of assurance and making operations more cyber-resilient.

ü Savings in Operational and Maintenance Costs - Entities can potentially leverage the Mobile ID instead of deploying and maintaining their own authentication mechanisms and infrastructure thereby saving on overhead costs. No need for credentials management and security token replacement, reducing the maintenance burden and related costs.

ü Rapid Customer Onboarding – Mobile ID reduces the need for individual entities to require new customers to provide identity documentation for new account creation. Users would already have been verified by trusted third parties during the Mobile ID issuance and enrolment process.

ü Greater Trust and Confidence - Digital signatures can protect high-value financial transactions that cannot tolerate any risk of signature forgery and delay of signature validation.

Best Solutions can help you:

Best Solutions has long experience in developing and offering various Mobile ID national and corporate infrastructures. Best Solutions can consult to develop proper legal infrastructure regulating Mobile ID issuance, acceptance and usage. We can help set up proper issuance procedures and develop all necessary technical infrastructure components, starting from the core up to applications and usage interfaces.

The main focus of the company defines and develops specifications to facilitate the secure deployment and management of electronic identity related trust services. Its standardized infrastructure empowers service providers to develop services once and deploy across different markets and channels. B.EST Solutions security and privacy parameters enable dynamic combinations electronic identity federation multiple electronic identity back-bones to be provided to the same service, providing a foundation for market convergence and innovative new cross-sector partnerships. We will help to implement Mobile ID infrastructure based on Public Private Partnership principle.

The technology’s widespread global adoption across government, finance, mobile/telecom, healthcare, retail and transit sectors delivers cost and time-to-market efficiencies to all.

B.EST Solutions has a deep understanding of electronic identity federation to strengthen the interoperability and mutual trust, how to join up countries and regions; not solely from our Azerbaijan or EU experience but in a global sense. It is in circumstances like this that an infinitely scalable Software as a Service model comes into its own, allowing cost effective rapid expansion, driving change to the roots of the customer business.