Bactovitis  fertilizer

Bactovitis fertilizer

The microbiological preparation works at the cellular level. It is used during the vegetative period..

23.80 M

Bio-Bitpest  fertilizer

Bio-Bitpest fertilizer

Biopreparation for the protection of plants from sucking insects, such as aphids, mites, scoops, etc..

13.60 M

BioHumus fertilizer

BioHumus fertilizer

BioHumus is a product that removes organic matter with red California fibers. Macro and micro elemen..

680.00 M

BioMax fertilizer

BioMax fertilizer

Biological preparation obtained by special extraction method from compost BioHumus-a. Can be used as..

17.00 M

Fermentstart удобрение

Fermentstart удобрение

The microbiological preparation is used for composting organic waste by fermentation. Fermented all ..

30.01 M

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