Fresh Cut Flowers

"Peach Avalanche" "Peach Avalanche"

"Peach Avalanche"

Is obtained by experimental mutagenesis from Avalanche, a hardy rose variety that combines pink and ..

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"Spray roses"

"Spray roses"

"Spray roses" include following varieties: "Alegria", "B-bubbles", "Hot-bubbles", "Super-bubbles".Be..

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"Wow" "Wow"


Has a unique and remarkable appearance and a charming shape and color. These features were logically..

0.85 M

“Avalanche” “Avalanche”


Being one of the most successful discoveries of "Lex+" has a white, large and charming bud. ..

0.85 M

“Candy Avalanche” “Candy Avalanche”

“Candy Avalanche”

Is a productive variety that combines  white and pink colors...

0.85 M

“Myrna” “Myrna”


A new variety of rose. It is red and durable...

0.85 M

“Red Naomi” “Red Naomi”

“Red Naomi”

Is number one in our company, as well as, in the flower sector in terms of sales. Has a peculiar bud..

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