Organic Produce

"Pink Paradise" organic tomatoes

"Pink Paradise" organic tomatoes

"Karvan-L" group of companies grows organic tomatoes in a greenhouse, located in Azerbaijainy city o..

5.10 M

Fresh Carrots Fresh Carrots

Fresh Carrots

Fresh Carrots from Azerbaijan Delivered worldwide..

323.00 M

Onion Onion


Fresh yellow onion 5-7cm9kg/10kg/15kg/20kg mesh bagPlump, clean , shiny colour , no pests, unsp..

170.00 M

Краставица  Pitrak F1

Краставица Pitrak F1

Pitrak F1sortu: HollandName: Pitrak F1Type: short-lived cucumberColor: greenLength: 13-14 cmAdulthoo..

0.70 M

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