Terms & Conditions

User Agreement

1. Introduction.

The clauses of this User Agreement take as a basis the conditions and requirements of the services, software and tools provided by the portal. Using this portal, you accept the terms and conditions, formed under the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, including the Constitution of Azerbaijan, the law "On electronic commerce", the Civil Code and other relevant legal acts.

2. About the portal.

The main purpose of the portal is to ensure the promotion and sale of goods and services on a domestic and international markets by posting information about them. Portal, being the total production data base of the Azerbaijan Republic, operates in three languages - Azerbaijani, Russian and English. The portal creates conditions for you to buy and sell goods and services in real time on the basis of a Common Database of the Azerbaijan Republic.


3. Subject of the User Agreement.

The portal offers its services which comply the rules (conditions) of the User Agreement, drawn up in the framework of the Republic of Azerbaijan’s legislation on electronic commerce. Please note that the rules (conditions) of the User Agreement may change sometimes without notice. If you do not agree with the rules (conditions), you can stop using the portal.


4. Basic concepts of e-commerce.

4.1. E-commerce - The activities carried out in the sale of goods, provision of services and performance of works using information systems;

4.2. Participants of electronic commerce - legal and natural persons that in the implementation of e-commerce are the seller (supplier), buyer (customer) and the intermediary in circulation of electronic documents;

4.3. Seller (supplier) – participant of e-commerce, selling goods (rendering services, performing work);

4.4. Buyer (customer) – participant of e-commerce, buying products (ordering services, works);

4.5. Mediator at the circulation of the electronic documents (the intermediary) - a natural or legal person providing services to the circulation of electronic documents between the sender and recipient of an electronic document;

4.6. Commercial notification - information which directly or indirectly affects the distribution of goods, rendering of services, performance of works by the seller (supplier) and the formation of its image.


5. A new user profile.

5.1. You acknowledge that during registration process you enter complete and accurate information about yourself in the registration form. Portal has the right to cancel your registration and stop using your services for incorrect information.

5.2. After registration you will receive a username and password to use the services of the portal. You are responsible for the security of a username and password, as well as for the acts committed by these name and password.

5.3. When you register you must provide complete and accurate information about yourself and your company, and you also have to check the relevance of the information in your profile.

5.4. If your username and password have been used without your permission, immediately notify the administrator. Portal is not responsible for damages caused by using your username and password without your consent. You are responsible for damage caused to third parties and the portal via your profile.

5.5. Portal has the right to demand documents proving the veracity of the data entered by you at registration.

5.6. You are responsible for the security and confidentiality of your user profile.

5.7. Portal is not responsible for any damage or loss caused to you due to your personal neglect or non-compliance of the rules of the agreement.


6. Obligations of registered users.

6.1. Consenting with the user agreement you agree not to do the following:

6.1.1. Distribute illegal, harmful information, information threatening, degrading the honor and dignity of others, content which is violating copyrights and other such content;

6.1.2. It is illegal to impersonate another person or a representative of the company;

6.1.3. Interfere with the functionality of the portal;

6.1.4. To place a product or service in the wrong category;

6.1.5. To use the portal in spite of the inability and lack of rights under the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic to conclude the transaction or contract;

6.1.6. Post false, inaccurate, misleading and provocative information;

6.1.7. The use of robots, programs which collect and deduce information and other automated programs when using the portal, despite the lack of agreement in advance of the portal;

6.1.8. It is illegal to use objects of intellectual property rights (copyrights, patents, databases, programming codes, etc.) belonging to the portal or are used by the portal under license;

6.1.9. Post off topic information, breach copyright or user conditions of third parties;

6.1.10. Sale of counterfeit goods and goods of unknown origin;

6.1.11. Not to provide services (not to deliver goods) despite the payment made for services (goods);

6.1.12. Selling, or renting to a third party of a user profile without the express permission of the portal;

6.1.13. Distribution of spam and viruses, which will create an obstacle to the principle of operation of the portal;

6.1.14. Collection and storage of personal information and e-mail without the user's permission;

6.1.15. Creating a site similar to the portal and use it for personal gain.


7. Cost of services

7.1. Depending on the type and nature of the services provided by the portal, the portal has the right to charge a fee from users. Types of services and the corresponding value are determined by the portal and are placed in the appropriate part of the web page of the portal. The portal can change the value of the service rendered by placing relevant information on online portal page  in advance (14 (fourteen) days). In the case of reducing the cost, placing of information in advance (14 (fourteen) days) is not required.

7.2. You are responsible for the timely payment of the cost of services. To do this, the payment method, the user specifies during or after the registration must be active. If the user does not make timely payment, the portal can withdraw the amount and additional interest which is regulated by the legislation of Azerbaijan Republic from other accounts or demand payment through legal proceedings.


8. Rendered services.

8.1. The portal lets users register in the portal, create a profile, post information, as well as photos, video, text and other information about the offered services and products.

8.2. Portal has the right to redirect the product or service to another user, if within a certain time an appeal to purchase any product or service does not find confirmation.

8.3. In order to improve the quality of services and satisfaction of users, the portal has the right to direct the goods or services to resale, if within a certain time an appeal to purchase any product or service does not find confirmation.

8.4. Portal has the discretion to remove information of the product which violated one or more rules.

8.5. To use the service you must have a computer connected to the Internet. Do not trust the username and password used to access the site to third parties. Portal is not responsible for any delays, inaccuracies, loss or deletion of data in the process of implementation of services.


9. Failure to comply with the contract.

9.1. Regardless of the payment method, the buyer (customer) within 7 working days may refuse to execute the concluded contract without penalty and giving a reason.

9.2. If the envisaged obligations have been fulfilled, the period of non-performance of the contract will be calculated from the date of conclusion of the contract.

9.3. If the seller (supplier) has not fulfilled all of these commitments, he can execute them within 3 months. If the obligations are fulfilled in this period, the seven days of the refusal will be calculated from that date;

9.4. In case of refusal according to paragraph 9.1. of the Act by the buyer (customer) of the contract, the seller (supplier) will, within 7 days at no additional cost to return the amount paid by him. In this case, it may be retained only return commodity price.

9.5. In the absence of other agreements, the buyer (customer) can’t refuse to follow the conditions contract in the following cases:

9.5.1. If the contract execution begins during  seven days with the consent of the buyer;

9.5.2. The contract concerns the supply of goods, the value of which depends on changes in the market, which are not regulated by the seller (supplier);

9.5.3. The contract concerns the supply of goods, specifically requested by the buyer (customer) and adjusted in accordance with his request, perishable or have a limited shelf-life products;

9.5.4. If the packaging material of audio, video or computer software is opened or damaged in other ways;

9.5.5. In case of delivery of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals.

9.6. Seller is not responsible for lost profits or other consequential damages incurred as a result of the failure by the seller on the contract for any reason.


10. The use of means of communication.

10.1. Portal users can’t receive advertisements via SMS-mailing.

10.2. Pointing your e-mail address in the site you consent to get information about the services, legal, advertising, presentation and other information.

10.3. We can also make calls and send SMS to the phone number given to us.


11. Resolution of Disputes.

11.1. Disputes between the parties of e-commerce can be solved by non-judicial means, not contradicting the law, including electronic means.

11.2. Claims related to e-commerce courts consider in terms established by law.