portal has received an export order of $ 444.6 million from 71 countries in 11 months portal has received an export order of $ 444.6 million from 71 countries in 11 months
13 February

The issue of "Export Overview" for December 2017 by the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication (CAERC) has been presented. In this issue of the overview it is indicated that for the first 11 months of 2017 the export of non-oil sector was 1 billion 387 million US dollars, and 1824 subjects participated in these export operations. The exports of non-oil sector increased by more than 22 percent in comparison with the corresponding period of 2016. During the first 11 months of 2017, our non-oil products most of all were exported to the Russian Federation. Thus, for the first 11 months of the current year non-oil exports to Russia accounted 498 million, 264 million to Turkey, 133 million to Switzerland, 120 million to Georgia and $ 52 million to Italy.

Tomato has maintained its leading position in the export of non-oil products within the 11 months of 2017 ($ 140.2 million). The second place was given gold (116.4 million US dollars) and the third place to the pure nuts (105 million US dollars).

Generally, in 11 months exports of fruits and vegetables accounted 453 million, exports of aluminum and finished products - 109 million, plastic and export products - 88 million, ferrous metals and exports of goods - 74 million, export of chemical products - 72 million, cotton export 45 million, exports of electricity - 41 million, sugar exports - 39 million dollars, tea exports of US $ 9 million.

It should be noted that compared to the same period of last year, export of electricity was doubled, export of cotton grown by 2.3 times, export of tea by 65%, as well as export of fruits and vegetables.

In November of this year, the value of the export of dates (persimmon) amounted to $ 39.7 million, the value of gold export - $ 17.9 million and the value of exported pure hazelnuts - US $ 16.1 million. Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Georgia and Italy were among the top five countries in the list of non-oil exports last month.

In the latest issue of "Export Overview", rating of the main exporters from the non-oil sector was published. In 11 months of 2017, the list of non-oil exporting companies in the top ten was represented by the Azerbaijan representative office of Azerbaijan International Mining Company, Baku Steel Company LLC, Azerbaijan Sugar Production Association, Sun Food, LLC "MKT İstehsalat Kommersiya", Talibov Zabil Ojagverdi, Ram International Transport and Trade LTD, VN Food Export Import Company LLC, CTS-Agro LLC and Food Export Shamkir LLC.

In the list of state-owned companies involved in export operations on non-oil sector, SOCAR's Marketing and Economic Operations Department, Det-al Aluminum LLC, Azergold CJSC, Azerenergy JSC, SOCAR Methanol LLC , "Collection and Supply of Foodstuffs" OJSC, SOCAR "Geophysics and Geology Department", "Surakhani Machine-building Factory Branch" OJSC, "Nakhchivan State Energy Agency" and "Azerbaijan Railways" CJSC.

In the "Export Overview", it was also given information on export orders for portal during 11 months of 2017. It was noted that in 11 months export orders totaled $ 444.6 million from 71 countries. The cost of export orders for in November 2017 amounted to $ 47.3 million.

In the top five export orders, there are Russia (18.4%), Turkey (7.1%), Ukraine (5.8%), India (4.5%) and US (4.2%). In November, it has received an export order from new countries like Kuwait, CAR, Syria, Hungary, and Macedonia.

When analyzing incoming orders for products, it became clear that most export orders in November included the following products: apple, pomegranate, pomegranate juice, pomegranate concentrate, chicken egg, tea, sunflower oil, corn oil, cotton oil, fruit jam, pure nuts, tobacco, pasta, diaper, silk carpet, wine, confectionery products, glass containers, engine oil, sugar powder, dry milk and so on. As a matter of fact, in November, there was an increase in orders for pomegranate and its products. Those products were ordered from USA, England, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Qatar and other countries.

The “Export Overview” also highlighted information on export mission to Dubai and Jeddah, as well as market research of the Ministry of Agriculture on export opportunities of licorice to the foreign markets, export potential of IT services, training for the representatives of local companies dealing with production, processing and export of cotton, tobacco and silk products, etc.

The purpose of "Export Overview" is to raise awareness of entrepreneurs on export issues, increase their ability to export local goods to traditional and new markets, and accelerate the process of integrating in international markets.

The "Export Overview" is available at in the Overviews section.


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