Export Preview: Non-oil export reached 1.129 billion US dollars

Export Preview: Non-oil export reached 1.129 billion US dollars
13 February

The number of “Export Review” of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication for January-October, 2017 was presented. This number of review shows that, the export on non-oil sector during first 10 months of 2017 year was in amount of 1 billion 219 million US dollars and approximately 1723 subjects participated in these export operations.

Compared with the relevant period of 2016 year, the export on non-oil sector during 9 months of 2017 year has increased 25 percent. During 10 months of the current year, Russia hold its leadership in the list of the countries, non-oil products are exported. According to the information of State Customs Committee, during 10 months of 2017 year, this country was exported products in amount of 424 million US dollars. Turkey (243 million US dollars), Switzerland (115 million US dollars), Georgia (108 million US dollars) and Turkmenistan (48 million US dollars) share the next places.

During 10 months of 2017 year, the tomato (tomato paste) has occupied first place among exported non-oil products in amount of 131.5 million US dollars. Second place is gold (98.5 million US dollars) and the third place is hazelnut (88.6 million US dollars).

There was held export operations by 475 subjects in amount of 149.6 million US dollars on non-oil-products in October of current year. The main products, exported within October are hazelnut, date fruit, gold (not used in coin cutting, in other untreated forms), apple, cucumber and gherkins, methanol (methyl alcohol), aluminum and others. In October, the export price of hazelnut was 26.6 million US dollars, date fruit 21.6 million US dollars, gold was 17.2 million US dollars.

In this number of “Export Preview”, the rating of leading exporter companies on non-oil sphere has been published. In 10 months of 2017 year, “Azerbaijan International Mining Company Limited Company” in Azerbaijan, “Baku Steel Company” LTD, “Azerbaijan Sugar Production Company” LTD, “MKT Production Commerce” LTD, “Sun Food” LTD, Talibov Zabil Ojagverdi oglu, “RAM International Transport and Trade LTD, "VN Food Export Import Company" LTD, “CTS-Agro” LTD, and “Food Export Shamkir” LTD have occupied first tenth in the list of non-governmental exporter companies and individuals.

SOCAR “Department on Marketing and Economic Operations”, “Det-al Aluminum” LTD, “Azergold” Close Joint-stock Company, “Azerenergy” OJSC, “SOCAR Methanol” LTD, “Food purchase and supply” OJSC, SOCAR “Geophysics and Geology department”, “Surakhani Engineering Subsidiary” OJSC, “Nakhchivan State Energy Agency” and “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC occupied first Tenth in the list of government offices participating in export operations on non-oil sector.

“Export Preview” has also informed about the export orders incoming to Azexport.az portal within 10 months of 2017 year. It was shown that, export orders in amount of 397.3 million US dollars from 66 countries of the world were income. The amount of the export orders, incoming to Azexport.az portal during October of 2017 year, was 41.5 million US dollars. Russia (19.2%), Turkey (6%), Ukraine (5.7%), India (4.8%) and USA (4.2%) occupy first five places of export orders list of the Portal. New export orders were taken from Israel and Myanmar in October.

While analyzing the orders in accordance with the products, it is clear that, majority of the export orders in October were pomegranate juice, canned vegetables, cosmetic facilities, wine, apple, pear, pomegranate, date fruit, tomato, garlic, cabbage, tea, confectionery products, sun panel, tobacco, licorice root, dried fruit, silk carpet, jam, paint, medical alcohol, sugar and other products. The growth in the orders from Russia was mentioned in October.

At the same time, the “Export Preview” provided detailed information about Azexport.az portal’s new service proposal of to the entrepreneurs, realized export to Russia, Turkey, UAE and other countries through “One stop Shop” Export Support Center, export mission to Shanghai and Saint-Petersburg, signing of memorandum between Eastern Partnership Center and CAERC, research of opportunities by the Ministry of Agriculture on saffron export to world markets and other issues.

“Export Preview” serves to enlighten the entrepreneurs on export process, seeking new opportunities for extraction of local products to the traditional and new markets and fasten the integration processes to international markets.

You can get acquainted with “Export Preview” in Previews section of www.iqtisadiislahat.org website of the Center for Analyses of Economic Reforms and Communication


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