Export order of USD 264 million from 53 countries was included into Azexport within 7 months

Export order of USD 264 million from 53 countries was included into Azexport within 7 months
29 September

The August issue of “Export Review” of the Center for Economic Reforms and Communication was presented.  In this issue of the review, export operations for US Dollars 855 million on non-oil sector were carried out by 1333 companies during 7 months of 2017. The top five countries in the list of countries where non-oil products were exported during 7 months were Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Georgia and Turkmenistan.

The analysis of the data for 7 months discovered that tomato (US Dollar 127,9 million) took the first place in the non-oil sector export. It is followed by gold (US Dollars 60.7 million), which took the second place. The third place in the non-oil sector export was occupied by polyethylene (US Dollars 54.4 million) with a specific mass less 0,94 in its original shape

When compared to the equivalent period of 2016, there was 8.3 times increase in the export of cotton fibre, 3.2 times in electricity energy, 60 percent in tea, 42 percent in fruits and vegetables,, 30 percent in chemical industry products, 29 percent in aluminum and products made thereof, 26 percent in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, 12 percent in plastics and products made thereof.

Concerning the Jule of 2017, an export transaction of US Dollars 117 million were carried out by 459 entities in the last month. Regarding the contribution of “Azexport.az” portal to export in non-oil sector, the “Export Review” reported that the export order of US Dollars 264.3 million from 53 countries was included into the Azexport.az portal during 2 months of 2017. Export orders of July were some 15 percent more than the export orders in June. In general, Azexport.az portal received export orders amounting to 48 million US Dollars in January, 2017, 6.5 million US Dollars in February, 27 million US Dollars in March, 29.9 million US Dollars in April and 19 million US Dollars in May, US Dollars 62.3 million in June, US Dollars 71.6 million in July.

The top five counties of non-oil export included into Azexport.az portal are Russia (19%), Ukraine (7.8%), Turkey (7.4%), United States (4.8%) and Saudi Arabia (4.8%).

The portal received orders from Qatar, Tanzania and Ecuador for the first time in July of 2017. While analyzing the orders for the products it becomes apparent that, there has been a big demand to various food products (particularly food products) produced in non-oil sector, including nut kernel, wine, cosmetics, tobacco, mushroom, child underclothing, canned cow meat, powdered milk, furniture, chicken egg, frozen chicken meat, cherry juice, silky carpet, raw cotton without seeds, cotton lint, apple, butter, car diagnostics equipment, engine oil, etc.

The value of orders from various countries for the following products was over one million USD: raw cotton without seeds, cotton lint, apple, nut kernel, chicken meat.

This issue of the “Export Review” also provides information on contribution of increase in export of non-oil products to the development of cotton-growing, sale of Azerbaijani products in Amazon.com via the Azexport.az portal, completion of customs declaration using the Digital Trade Hub, opportunities for use of Escrow service, as well as information on companies in Azexport.az portal involved in cotton and tobacco production, processing and export.

The purpose of the review serves for raising awareness of entrepreneurs on exports, increasing opportunities to put local products on traditional and new markets, as well as accelerating the process of integration to international markets.


The “Export Review” is available in the section Reviews of the www.iqtisadiislahat.org .


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