Customs Declaration to be filled in through Digital Trade Hub

Customs Declaration to be filled in through Digital Trade Hub
21 September

The filling up of electronic customs declarations will be carried out in a real-time regime which was being tested in “Azerbaijan Digital Trade Hub”. For this purpose, an exporter can fill in the electronic customs declaration entering the site ( of the Digital Trade Hub by ASAN signature or electronic signature.

The advantage of the Digital Trade Hub is in the feature that all of the services are introduced from “One window”. “One window” which is attached to Azexport portal enables Azerbaijani entrepreneurs and their foreign business partners to compile and sign the documents and contracts in an electronic form, as well as to carry out transboundary electronic services in a real-time regime. Hence, the entrepreneurs, who can now carry out export procedures faster and spend fewer resources, will benefit from e-Export opportunities through one window.        

In the present time the state bodies integrated into e-Export provide real-time information exchange. E-Export grants the following certificates: international veterinary certificate, phytosanitary certificate, certificate of quality, certificate verifying the country of origin of the product, permit (certificate) for export of endangered species of wild fauna and flora, protection certificate of cultural assets for export of cultural assets and permit for export of religious literature (in paper and electronic fomats), audio and video materials (products) and other informational materials with religious content. At the same time, because the sending of appeals for paying export incentives is done through the portal, the settlements will be easily performed in the future.

It is worth reminding that the operator of Azerbaijan Digital Trade Hub which is founded by the Decree of Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the date of February 22, 2017 is the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication.

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