Indian scientist: “Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan to join the markets”

Indian scientist: “Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan to join the markets”
21 September

The Serbian prestigious online edition titled “TransConflict”   has published an article on the Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan.  Hriday Sarma, Indian scientist who is the author of the article has stated the importance of foundation of the Digital Trade Hub (DTH) and noted that Azerbaijan would turn into a main digital trade center in the region in the future. The researcher has stated that this project which has been founded in Azerbaijan exists in few countries only and that DTH will make access to foreign markets easier and additional investment attraction faster.

According to the author, digitalization of the Azerbaijani economy through Digital Trade Hub will strengthen the regional value chain in Southern Caucasus and Eurasia.  At the 

same time, the researcher, comparing the Digital Trade Hub to similar projects in other countries has stated that this project is unique and has some advantages both for local and foreign state and private institutions.  You can read the article in the following link:

The article titled “Azerbaijan’s Digital Trade Hub to join the Regional and Eurasian markets” which was translated into English for international public, has also been translated into Russian and published on the site of the Political Center of “Север-Юг”.

As a result of the researches, his articles titled “North-South international transport corridor: Necessary investments in “transition” countries” and “North-South international transport corridor: Azerbaijan in the intersection” have been published in prestigious editions. He has also made researches in some brain centers of Finland, Brussels, Israel and India so far. 

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