Azexport has received $ 193 million US Dollar export orders from 50 countries.

Azexport has received $ 193 million US Dollar export orders from 50 countries.
21 September

The Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication presented  July issue of "Export Review". In this issue of the review, it is indicated that during the first six months of 2017, non-oil sector exports amounted to 738 million US Dollars, and 1157 parties participated in the export operations. Compared to the first 6 months of 2016, non-oil sector export increased by 27% in the corresponding period of 2017 .

During 6 months of 2017 Russia received USD 274 million, Turkey received USD 144 million, Georgia received USD 68 million, Switzerlandand USD 67 million, Turkmenistan USD 33 million of non-oil sector export commodities.

In June 2017, non-oil sector export operations for the amount 181 million US Dollars were made by 421 parties.

The main commodities exported in June are tomato, gold, cherry, potato, sugar etc. According to the analysis of 6-month data for 2017, the first place in the non-oil export sector was tomato (121 million US Dollars), the second place was gold (50.9 million US Dollars), and the third was primary polyethylene (48.4 million US Dollars) with weight factor less than 0.94.

As regards the contribution of "" portal to the non-oil sector export, it is mentioned in the "Export Review" that within the 6 months of 2017, received export for more than 192.7 million US Dollars from 50 countries worldwide. The value of export orders received by portal in June was 3.2 times more compared to May. Thus, portal received export orders for 48 million US Dollars in January, 6.5 million US Dollars in February, 27 million US Dollars in March, 29.9 million US Dollars in April, 19 million US Dollars in May and 62.3 million US Dollars in June of 2017. In general, during the six months of 2017, the highest order for portal was received from the Russian Federation. In the top five export orderers included in the portfolio are Russia (19%), Ukraine (9%), Turkey (7%), Saudi Arabia (6%) and USA (5%).

For the first time in June 2017, there were orders from such countries as Sweden, the Maldives, Colombia, Afghanistan and Senegal. In June, one of the key countries interested in Azerbaijan's food products was Qatar. Relevant information was provided to six companies of this country, which import food products.

When analyzing figures for products ordered in June, it becomes clear that orders for seedless raw cotton, cotton oil, tomato, wine, pomegranate juice, cherry juice, eggplant, liquorice, hazelnut kernel, apple, carrot, cotton seeds, medical gauze, and confectionery products prevail. The value of orders for seedless raw cotton, tomatoes, carrots, eggplants, hazelnut kernels and apple was more than million US Dollar. The main orders for agricultural products (seedless raw cotton, tomato, carrots, eggplant, hazelnut kernel, apple and carrot) came from the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that more than half of export in June have been realized directly through the portal. This indicates that portal is becoming more and more popular in the world.

Also in this issue of the "Export Review", detailed information on the procedure for issuing certificates at "Single Window" Export Support Center is provided.

The purpose of the "Export Review" is to increase the entrepreneurs' awareness of export business, expand export of local products to traditional and new markets as well as accelerate the integration into international markets.

"Export Summary" can be found at the Reviews section on website.

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