“One Stop Shop” Export Support Center opened

“One Stop Shop” Export Support Center opened
22 June

Export Support Centre of “One Stop Shop” was opened in the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication. Vusal Gasimly, executive director of the Centre for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication, stated during the presentation that “One Stop Shop” Export Support Centre to operate under Azexport portal will enable developing and signing of documents, including contracts between persons registered as tax payer in connection with the implementation of entrepreneurial activity in the Republic of Azerbaijan, and their foreign business partners in an electronic form, as well as providing of transboundary electronic services in real time. Thus, entrepreneurs who implements export procedures faster by spending fewer resources will leverage the opportunities offered by the “One Stop Shop” Export Support Centre.

Today, the representatives of state bodies integrated into “One Stop Shop” Export Support Centre organize exchange of information with information resources in real time, operating in the service centre. Export Support Centre of “One Stop Shop” will provide the following certificates:

- international veterinary certificate for animals, animal products and raw materials exported,

- phytosanitary (re-export phytosanitary) certificate for export of plant and plant growing products ,

- certificate of quality for export of food products to the countries of the European Union,

- certificate verifying the country of origin of the product,

- permit (certificate) for export of endangered species of wild fauna and flora,

- protection certificate of cultural assets for export of cultural assets,

- permit for export of religious literature (in paper and electronic formats), audio and video materials (products) and other informational materials with religious content.


Elkhan Mikayilov, head of sector in the Assistant Service on Economic Reforms of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Sahil Babayev, deputy minister of Economy, Safar Mehdiyev, first deputy of the head of the State Customs Committee, Seyfaddin

Talibov, deputy minister of Agriculture, Sevda Mammadaliyeva, deputy minister of Culture and Tourism, Rauf Hajiyev, deputy minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Seyavush Heydarov, deputy head of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, Jan Van Bilsen, regional manager of the International Financial Corporation (IFC) for South Caucasus and Mammad Musayev, president of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Azerbaijan made speeches in the ceremony.

It is worth noting that the “Digital Trade Hub” established by the Decree of the President, Ilham Aliyev, on “additional measures regarding strengthening the status of the Republic of Azerbaijan as a digital Trade Hub and enhancing foreign trade operations” will as well facilitate the relations of the entrepreneurs with foreign partners by providing mutual recognition of electronic purses and signatures.

At the end of the ceremony, “One Stop Shop” Export Support Centre was presented to the participants of the event by the executive company.

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