New issue of "Export Summary" presented

New issue of "Export Summary" presented
22 June

The Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication has presented the new issue of "Export Summary". The second issue of the "Export Summary" covers 4-month information on the non-oil sector export, regional distribution by regions of orders placed at "" portal during 4 months of this year, infographics on the countries with biggest share of orders of pomegranate juice, cleaned nuts and wine from Azerbaijan.

It is stated in the "Export Summary" that "" portal received export orders from 42 countries within 4 months of 2017. The total value of orders placed at portal in April was US $ 29.9 million. "" portal received export orders for the total amount of more than US $ 111 million during 4 months of 2017.

Thus, compared with 4 months of the previous year there is a 22 percent increase in export of non-oil sector. Azexport portal contributes to increase in exports.

Based on the analysis of orders placed in in April, it becomes clear that non-oil sector products, such as - cognac, wine, onions, peas, mushrooms, eggs, butter, cheese, cotton seed oil, cherry juice, pomegranate juice, hazelnuts, dried milk, chicken, peppers acid, solar panel, motor oil, paint were among the products ordered.

The second issue of "Export Summary" also covers information about the portals integrated with portal, comments related to the requirement of phytosanitary certificate during the export of plants and plant products as well as information about opportunities for the submission of customs declarations through portal. In addition, further issues of the export summary includes regular information on changes and updates to export and import rules of various countries around the world.

In general, it is expected that "Export Summary" will be published regularly hereafter. The purpose of the export summary is to increase the entrepreneurs' awareness of export business, expand export of local products to traditional and new markets as well as accelerate the integration into international markets.

"Export Summary" can be found at the Summaries section on website.

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