Estonian press wrote on “Unbelievable Azerbaijan”

Estonian press wrote on “Unbelievable Azerbaijan”
4 May

Estonian press published an article titled “Unbelievable Azerbaijan: mandatory Mobul ID, m-residency, intergovernmental digital signatures” dedicated to digital and technological innovations of Azerbaijan. The article further notes that employment contracts in Azerbaijan in executed electronically. All mobile operators in the country provide Mobil-ID services.

In the article published in the website, Yana Krimpen, chairperson of Azerbaijan- Estonian Chamber of Commerce was interviewed as well. In the interview, she concentrated on main advantages of Asan Signature technology.

The article further touched on issues such as Azexport electronic sale platform and Digital Trade Hub, which were presented as effective tools towards simplifying the export procedures for entrepreneurs. The portal eased the loads of small and medium entrepreneurs.

“Azexport portal is integrated with portals such as Alibaba, e-Bay and allbiz. As the result of this cooperation, an export offer over US Dollar 100 million was made through the Azexport portal in the last 3 months.”

According to the information provided by the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication, the article published in Estonian language has already been translated into the Russian and English languages.

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