The CAERC initiated the online publication of the "Export Summary"

The CAERC initiated the online publication of the "Export Summary"
12 April

The Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication has initiated the online publication of new "Export Summary". The "Export Summary" will serve to educate entrepreneurs on export. The first issue of the "Export Summary" includes comments on periodic data about exported goods of Azerbaijani origin, distribution of purchase orders within the first quarter of this year placed at portal and infographics on the amount of export orders, information for the exporters to obtain export permits on the basis of a single application and online application opportunities to obtain export promotion .
In addition, further issues of the export summary will include regular information on changes and updates to export and import rules of various countries around the world.
In general, export summary serves to increase the entrepreneurs' awareness of export business, expand export of local products to traditional and new markets as well as accelerate the integration into international markets.
It should be noted that general editor of the "Export Summary" is Ramil Huseyn, Ph.D. in Economy, associate professor.
"Export Summary" can be found at the Summaries section on website.

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