portal was presented in Italy portal was presented in Italy
28 March

Azexport portal of the Centre for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication (CAERC) was presented to more than 10 organizations, unions and associations representing more than 200 thousands of entrepreneurs in Tuscany və Lombardy regions. Zaur Gardashov, head of the portal achieved to sign several cooperation agreements in connection with the activity of the portal within his visit to Italy. Zaur Gardashov presented the portal to the regional representative offices of the Italian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, regional representative offices of the Italian Farmers Association in Florence and Milan cities and representatives of Certification companies. Besides, visits were organized to laboratories for certification of agricultural products in Tuscany and Lombardy regions to become familiar with their work. Laboratory and the Azexport agreed on inspection of the quality and certification of Azerbaijani products in the future.

Zaur Gardashov also visited the biggest whole sale market of agricultural products of Europe in Milan to get familiar with the operational principles of the market. After the presentation of to local entrepreneurs, head of the portal shared Azerbaijan’s interest in the sale of Azerbaijani products using this market. It seemed to be the new model of export promotion. Italian entrepreneurs expressed their interest in introduction of the similar practice by Italian companies.



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