Beekeepers will benefit from Azexport’s export opportunities

Beekeepers will benefit from Azexport’s export opportunities
27 March

A representative of the Centre for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication Natiq Madatov attended the opening event of the regional representative of the Beekeepers Association of Azerbaijan. The opening was realized in the framework of a meeting with entrepreneurs of Guba-Khachmaz economic region. During the meeting with the beekeepers, the opportunities of honey export of the northern region were thoroughly discussed. It was mentioned that, there is great interest in the high quality and ecologically clean honey of Azerbaijan in the world markets, and there is a vast export potential in this area. N.Madatov gave detailed information to the members of the Beekeepers Association about the Azexport portal. He explained the export opportunities provided by the Azexport portal to the entrepreneurs who works in the apiculture industry. It was said that the Azexport portal will contribute to the integration of local beekeepers to new markets, and finding new customers. It was brought to their attention that, through the use of the Azexport portal they can benefit from many services from certification to delivery. He said that, based on a Decree of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic and established by the Centre for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication, the Digital Trade Hub will also provide additional opportunities for entrepreneurs. Afterwards, N.Madatov visited Shabran, Khachmaz and Qusar, and met with the local beekeepers. During the meetings in the northern region, an agreement was reached in order to increase honey export in Azerbaijan through the Azexport portal.


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