More than a hundred entrepreneurs attended to Azexport’s meeting in Khachmaz

More than a hundred entrepreneurs attended to Azexport’s meeting in Khachmaz
27 March

The Azexport portal continues to hold meetings with regional entrepreneurs. The next event held in Khachmaz attended by entrepreneurs from Quba, Qusar, Siyazan and Shabran. At the meeting with more than 100 entrepreneurs, the deputy head of the Executive Power of Khachmaz Yetkin Mehmanov said that, as a result of the economic reforms taken in the country some important results were achieved in this field.

 Afterwards, the head of the Azexport portal Zaur Gardashov made a speech. During the meeting, the functionality of the portal, the working principle of a single database and opportunities for exporters offered by Azexport were discussed. The participants were also widely informed about the local and international payment systems integrated to, transport and logistics services, the real-time translation service and product placement opportunities in the international trading platforms.

  It was mentioned that, according to the supply chain Azexport creates opportunities for all services like certification, transport, logistics, access to markets and payment. Created by a decree of President Ilham Aliyev, the Digital Trade Hub will present a single export window. As a result, by spending less resource, the entrepreneurs will be able to implement export procedures very quickly. By providing mutual recognition of electronic purses and electronic signatures, the Digital Trade Hub will simplify business relations between local entrepreneurs and foreign partners. The Digital Trade Hub will function both as online and offline.

 The entrepreneurs who had received orders on the Azexport portal also made a speech at the event. It is worth to mention that, this is the sixth meeting held in the economic regions. To this day the portal has met with many entrepreneurs in Sheki, Shamakhi, Ganja, Yevlakh and Lankaran.

  We should also mention that, the main part of orders on the portal is mostly from Japan, Netherlands, China, Russia, Georgia, Egypt, Belarus and Pakistan on the products such as wine, chicken meat, eggs, various juices, dried milk, mineral water, apples, whiskey and many other. To ensure full awareness of entrepreneurs and to discuss their problems, the Azexport team has held several meetings with thousands of entrepreneurs in the districts of Baku and in the regions. The next meeting is planned to be held in Imishli with entrepreneurs of the Aran economic zone on March 18th.

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