portal started its meetings at the local executive authorities

Centre for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication began to hold meetings at the local executive authorities, trying to inform the wider community about the export and user opportunities of the portal. The first meeting, with the support of the Executive Power of Khatai district was held today with the businessmen who operate in the territory of this district. After greeting by the Deputy head of the local executive authority Zameddin Akbarov, head of the portal Zaur Gardashov informed businessmen about the portal - a single database of products manufactured in Azerbaijan. He said that more than 5,000 local products can be found in the portal at the moment. The portal has already received orders for about $ 5 million from all over the world.

The ways of uploading of the local products’ info was later explained to the entrepreneurs, their questions were answered.

It should be noted that team will continue their meetings at the local executive authorities. The team will make visits to the regions on the weekends.

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