Innovative brands of Azerbaijan conquer new markets

Made in Azerbaijan

As known, Donald Trump held a meeting with a Chinese billionaire and founder of the Internet company Alibaba Group Jack Ma on January 9, 2017. The discussion was focused on small business and was held in the residence of the next American president - a Trump Tower skyscraper in Manhattan. "We talked about how to support 1 million small businesses, mainly in the Midwest of the US. We also believe that the relationship between China and the US should strengthen, needs to be more friendly "- said Jack Ma, adding that he shared with Trump ideas about how to improve trade relations between the two countries. The company, according to Jack Ma, acting like Etsy and eBay (enlisting the Internet sales of third-party vendors), will be able to create 1 million jobs for Americans.


It should be noted that the Alibaba Group is a Chinese private company working in the field of e-commerce. The group has its own electronic payment system, and also operates several online stores. Approximately 22.5% of Internet holding company belongs to the Yahoo (US), 34,3% - Japanese SoftBank, 8,9% -to  the founder and head of the company Jack Ma.

In the background of global trends it is worth to note the portal which was established under the recently promulgated concept of «Made in Azerbaijan», presented by the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication of Azerbaijan Republic. The portal has integrated an innovative service of mobile electronic signature Asan İmza. The portal itself supports the export of goods produced in Azerbaijan, and works with global electronic trading platforms as, Wholesale and Allbiz. According to the information from Infocity which was provided by Jana Krimpe - the founder of B.EST Solutions, a company which operates the Asan Imza - mobile electronic signature service, Alibaba and Allbiz customers have already made their first orders of various goods produced in Azerbaijan. It is planned to increase exports, organization of assistance in these matters to small and medium businesses in our country, as well as the creation of new jobs via this portal.


But the most important news is that the Azerbaijani innovations are becoming increasingly popular in the world. Today, not only innovative brands as ASAN Xidmet (Easy Service) and Asan İmza / Mobile-ID conquer new markets, but also a global giant like Alibaba supports the innovative idea of ​​Azerbaijan. Moreover, according to Jan Krimpe,it can be clearly observed from the meeting of Donald Trump and Jack Ma that Alibaba wants the principle of portal to penetrate in the global economic project between the United States and Asia. This opinion is especially strengthened considering the fact that Jack Ma believes that Alibaba expansion should focus on such goods as clothing, wine and fruit with a special focus on trade between the US Midwest and South-East Asia.

"I am infinitely glad that the reforms initiated by Azerbaijan get global support. I think this is just the beginning of Azerbaijan’s integration into the global economy. And I want to announce that we will present you the new global innovative idea very soon ", - Jana Krimpe said.

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