portal and Baku E-Commerce Academy started “Earn via Amazon” training program portal and Baku E-Commerce Academy started “Earn via Amazon” training program
30 May

The participants of the training courses will be taught about registration and business principles of the Amazon portal, market investigations and determining the products with high sales rates, finding reliable suppliers via Alibaba and other portals, sending products to Amazon's storage, placing products and using existing advertising opportunities, international logistics and customs operations, international trade law and standards, technical regulation and other issues. At the trainings, each participant will be provided with an Amazon account, US bank account, and plastic cards to conduct practical sales.

The main speaker of the training, the head of portal, Zaur Gardashov stated that this training was a good opportunity for those who were searching for a new job and earnings. According to Z. Gardashov, the people who successfully completed these trainings are currently gaining competitive stable income. It should be noted that those who successfully complete the training will have job opportunities in two different fields:

 - to apply the gained knowledge and skills by investing,

- to join “Baku E- Commerce Academy” team and cooperate together.

Other instructors at the training are the manager of portal, Aykhan Gedeshov, independent experts Farid Baratzade and Nihad Gurbanov. The training will last 3 months starting from November 1 and the participants will be issued the certificate of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication.

Please note that the number of participants at the training is limited. The training is free of charge for the company representatives who registered via portal till 01.01.2018 and placed the products on the portal.

Please contact the manager of portal, Aykhan Gedeshov if you wish to attend the training.  (Tel: 521 34 94: 050 295 86 87)

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