Non-residents will be provided with e-signatures at the Digital Trade Hub conference

Non-residents will be provided with e-signatures at the Digital Trade Hub conference
30 May

Non-residents will be provided with e-signatures for the first time at the second Digital Trade Hub conference held in Baku with the organizational support of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication together with ISESKO. Negotiations, with foreign guests attended the second international conference on the Digital Trade Hub presented in a new format on October 31, were finalized.

The chairman of the European Association for e-Identity and Security and the main speaker of the conference, Jon Shamah stated that his organization was closely related to the Digital Trade Hub in Azerbaijan. According to Jon Shamah, the initial project planning has already been drafted: “28 members of European Union (EU) represent 23 million small and medium-sized entities and 400 million consumers. EU implemented the eIDAS Security services applied to all member countries, providing the “equal field” for trusted operations in the single digital market. This system was developed only for EU member countries. "FutureTrust"- Horizon 2020, project by this organization, helps to fill in the gap between eIDAS and other security systems outside the European Union. Future Trust considers Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan as an effective platform to establish global mutual consent between eIDAS and other security systems.

It should be noted that 200 representatives from 20 countries including USA, Thailand, Great Britain, Estonia, Turkey, Morocco etc. will attend the second International Conference on Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan. In addition, the representatives of "Alibaba", "Amazon", "e-bay" and other international trading platforms, which are closely cooperating with "" portal, will also attend the conference. Borderless e-commerce platforms that connect digital economies will be discussed at the conference. Moreover, the perspectives of transboundary economic relations, e-services and new business opportunities will be discussed.

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